Monoclor® RCS Chloramine Management and Smartboost® Free Chlorine Management Overview


The Monoclor® RCS chloramine management system generates a constant and reliable chloramine residual within the reservoir by creating a homogeneous mixture, introducing chemicals rationally and monitoring the equilibrium with control logic in real time. SmartBoost® systems accomplish the same result for distribution systems that utilize free chlorine residuals. These systems accomplish all of this automatically with many on-line reporting and alarm options.

Monoclor®Disinfectant Residual Control building with separate chlorine and ammonia rooms

Monoclor® Disinfectant Residual Control mobile trailer interior

Monoclor® Disinfectant Residual Control mobile trailer boosting two tanks


Tank Shark® or PAX mixers transfer motive energy to the mass of water in the reservoir, placing it in motion and ensuring a fully mixed vessel. Mixers move colder dense water from the base of the reservoir up to and on top of the warmer stratified layers. In addition to removing temperature stratification which can hinder consistent disinfectant residual distribution, a fully mixed tank ensures accurate process feedback control in the dynamic environment of a water storage tank. Chemical injection occurs in the violent area of the nozzle discharge allowing for complete mixing and distribution of the applied chemicals.


If the disinfectant residual drops below a predetermined set point, chlorine and/or ammonia are injected into the upward flowing stream of water for dilution and mixing within the tank volume. Sophisticated dosing and analyzing algorithms assess the position of the homogeneous tank chemistry on the breakpoint curve and make the correct reagent dosing decisions. The Monoclor® RCS process is completely compatible with gas chlorine, bulk hypochlorite and on-site generated sodium hypochlorite. When chloramine delivery is a requirement, liquid ammonium sulphate (LAS) is the feedstock of choice.

Graph showing the ideal state of chloramine disinfection.


Chart showing the results of 60 day pilot Monoclor<sup>®</sup> RCS chloramine management system in a 1 million gallon reservoir.
Example of a tank with no meaningful disinfectant residual being boosted by a Monoclor® RCS system with operator sequentially increasing desired residual setpoint

More information on Monoclor® RCS can be found in the Monoclor® RCS Brochure.