At the Main Treatment and Production Facility, Disinfection is Accomplished through Onsite Generation of Sodium Hypochlorite…

“…Daphne Utilities serves some 11,000 water customers in the city of Daphne and surrounding communities on the east shore of Mobile Bay. It also supplies wholesale water to one small neighboring area. The utility, founded in 1953, is governed by a five-member board appointed by the city council. Besides drinking water, it provides wastewater treatment at an award-winning 4.17 mgd water reclamation plant and supplies natural gas to about 4,000 customers.
Raw water is drawn from aquifers through a network of 11 wells 150 to 450 feet deep. The water is treated in a battery of smaller treatment plants at or near the well sites, and at a new treatment facility that increased total production capacity to 7.1 mgd. Peak customer demand is 6.5 mgd, and average summer demand is 4.5 mgd.

During treatment, lime is added for pH adjustment and sodium hypochlorite and chlorine gas are used for disinfection. At the main treatment and production facility, disinfection is accomplished through onsite generation of sodium hypochlorite (a Microclor® unit, manufactured by Process Solutions). Metering pumps (Siemens and Pulsafeeder), chemical pumps (Neptune) and chemical feed systems (Acrison and Coffman Systems) support the rest of the treatment process.
Systemwide, treated water passes through several 100,000-gallon clearwells and eventually to the 200-mile distribution system, mostly 6- to 16-inch PVC or ductile iron piping. Two booster pump stations are equipped with Gorman-Rupp pumps. High-service pumps were supplied by Peerless. Storage consists of seven above-ground tanks and one reservoir. A SCADA system (Dexter Fortson Associates) provides automated monitoring and control. About 60 percent of the system is equipped with radio-read metering (Sensus)…”

Daphne Utilities
Jody James monitors the Microclor® controller (Process Solutions)
used for on-site sodium hypochlorite generation.

The full editorial is written by Jim Force and published in Water System Operator Magazine. For the full story please visit the following link: