After Evaluation, Microclor® Scores Well & Awarded Installation

Evaluation Conducted by Black & Veatch. To Download the Evaluation, click the following link: OSHG Evaluation for Burnsville, MN.

1.1 General

This technical memorandum serves as a summary of the Proposal Evaluation conducted in support of the On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) System Procurement Project by the City of Burnsville, MN (City). Due to differences in equipment layout, operation, electrical and heat loads, and construction, the decision was made to procure an OSHG system supplier (OSHGSS) prior to design of the Chlorine Rehabilitation Project. Proposals were solicited from the three pre-qualified OSHG vendors – Process Solutions Inc – Microclor® (PSI), Parkson Miox (Miox), and Severn-Trent Chlor-Tec (Chlor-Tec). This memorandum outlines the submittal evaluation process and results of the evaluation.

1.2 Comparative Evaluation Summary

A Proposal Evaluation Tem, comprised of WTP Staff and City Engineers, utilized a comparative evaluation process to evaluate proposals for the On-Site Generation Equipment Procurement Contract and establish the best value for the City. The evaluation was moderated by Black & Veatch as an independent, non-voting paticipant. The Evaluation Team was led through a systematic process that identified evaluation criteria and their associated weights prior to proposal submission. Each of the proposals was scored in each of the following major categories:

Evaluation Category Possible Point Value
Capital Cost 25
Present Worth of 20-year Life Cycle Cost 25
Layout Review (Plans & Elevations) 8
Required Ancillary Equipment 8
Local Representation/Supplier Support Programs 8
Instrumentation & Control System 8
Operation & Maintenance of System 10
Bid Proposal 8
Total Points 100

Proposals were received on July 2nd and were evaluated independently by the Proposal Evaluation Team from July 2nd to July 8th. A Comparative Evaluation Workshop was held on July 8th, 2013 and the relative merits of each proposal were discussed.

The Capital Costs included items 1 through 10 (Total Base Bid) plus item 11c (Performance Support and Operations Assistance) on the Cost Breakdown from (P-00400A). Additional costs were added to PSI and Chlor-Tec bid to comply with the bid. The Present Worth of 20-Year Life Cycle Cost Category considered:

Cost Category PSI Miox Chlor-Tec
OSHGSS Capital Costs $818,500 $791,801 $817,808
Present Worth O&M Costs $932,966 $967,381 $1,021,824
Total 20-year Life Cycle Cost $1,751,466 $1,759,182 $1,839,632

The point total is listed below.

Proposal Checklist PSI Miox Chlor-Tec
Capital Cost Evaluation (25 pts possible) 24.2 25.0 24.2
Present Worth O&M Costs(25 pts possible) 25.0 24.1 22.8
Non-Economic Evaluation(50 pts possible) 49 42 38.6
Total Score (100 pts possible) 98.2 91.1 85.6